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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration

6/2/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoration

Dealing with Fire Damages

Fire is one of the most destructive tragedies that can ever strike your home or business premises. Whether the fire damages your home or business severely or just a little, fire damage restoration procedures must be carried out to avoid further damages.

Fire can be a result of electrical faults, unmanned stoves, or gas leaks. When a fire breaks out, a lot of damages can happen. Fire is one of the toughest events to recover from. First, you have to remove everything that was damaged and restore what was left. Anything that is not destroyed by the fire will often sustain smoke damage or soot damage.

Fire damage restoration process

The first step after you notice a fire in your home or business is to contact fire emergency service. This sounds easy but it is not always so. After noticing a big fire in your home, chances are high that you will get shocked and traumatized. This step needs you to be composed so that you can be able to communicate with fire service people. The key is to do it fast. The longer you wait, the more damages your home or business sustains.

Even if the fire department comes to put out the fire in your business or home, you will still need a fire damage restoration company to control the damages. There is a difference between the two services. The fire department puts out the fire while the restoration companies come to help reduce damages after the fire.

The second step is inspection and assessment of the fire damages. When a commercial fire damage company comes, the first thing they do is assess the amount of damage your home or business has sustained. They check how your walls are, your furniture, ceilings, and other property. This helps them to calculate how much they can help you recover.

The third step is immediate tarp and sealing of your home. This is necessary to prevent a severe commercial fire damage. For example, if the fire has burned a hole on your roof or your walls, your house can cave in any time. Also if it rains, water can cause more damages. So, they first seal those areas and make sure they board-up missing windows or parts of your walls to prevent the house from collapsing.

The next step is fire cleanup. This is where they try to clean every damage the fire in your business or home caused. Damages can be in form of water damage, soot damage, and smoke damage making a fire cleanup process essential. The fire in your home could have made a pipe burst causing water damages in your home. The fire damage restoration company ensures all the water damages are taken care of.

Soot damage and smoke damage always happen after a fire. It can destroy your walls, ceilings, furniture and clothes. Smoke damage and soot damage occurs when smoke and soot get deposited on your property respectively. This should also be taken care of.

The fire cleanup process will also take care of the smoke smell. The smoke smell can last a long time if not well taken care of. Ventilation alone is sometimes inadequate at removing the smoke smell. In such a case, proper deodorization is necessary to ensure all the smoke smell is removed from your home or business.

Finally, the fire cleanup process takes care of all the badly burnt things in your home. If the fire damage was severe, then a lot of things must have been burnt beyond saving. All the damaged stuff from the fire in your business or home is taken out to be disposed of.

The last step of recovery after suffering from a fire in your business or home is repair and restoration. After they have removed everything that cannot be saved, you can either replace or repair the other things left in your home or business. Where one has suffered severe commercial fire damage, it is important to seek all the help he or she can get to make the recovery phase bearable. This can involve replacing your furniture, your carpet, repairing your walls, and repainting them.

Finally, there can be consultation. After everything has been done, some commercial fire damage companies can offer you some safety tips to avoid fire damages in the future. You can also install smoke detectors to alert you whenever there is a fire in your home or business. Visit http://www.SERVPROdenvereast.com for more information on fire damage.

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