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Dealing with Category 3 Water Loss

8/16/2017 (Permalink)

Dealing with Category 3 Water Loss

Water damage is a distressing situation for all home owners or the management of any business premises. When flood damage occurs, the recommended first step to take is getting everyone out to a safe place. Evacuation becomes very necessary in the circumstances such as flood damage or when the water in home or water in business is contaminated. There are different levels of water contamination. Category 3 water loss is considered the worst and the most hazardous. It happens when there is toilet back flow, sewage, pipe breaks beyond the toilet trap and all forms of sea and ground water flooding. Only professionals should be allowed to handle such water because it contains toxic organic substances, heavy metals, pesticides, stilt and other harmful chemicals.

Mitigation and Restoration After Category 3 Water Loss

The first step should be to contact a professional restoration company. Then, you should advise everyone in the building with the pipe break to vacate. The people should not try to save anything as prolonged contact with the contaminated water increases the risk for anyone who comes in touch with the water. When the restoration company comes in, check that they have the correct permits to carry out the work before allowing them to proceed with the water cleanup, drying, and restoration.

Flooding results when rain water, underground water or storm water from calamities such as hurricanes, landslides, and mudslides. Evacuation is the first course of action followed by calling in the experts. Flooded homes end up with a significant level of pesticides washed away from yards, silt, and mud making mitigation more challenging. The initial measures taken to reduce risks in the flooded home, include blocking the pathway through which the water accesses the home and disconnecting all water supply beyond the supply line break, and electric lines.

Flooded Home Due to a Pipe Break or Supply Line Break

Sometimes sewer pipes get clogged and burst, leading to water backing up into the house or compound. When there is solid waste in the water, the situation can pose a serious safety concern. The bad odor can also make the home or the place affected by water in business almost impossible to live. After assessing the initial levels of water damage from a supply line break, the restoration company will call in a professional plumber to seal the leak or replace the broken part. Water clean up by extraction then follows.

Water Cleanup and Drying

Water cleanup is done using powerful suction pumps and vacuums. It is a process which should be handled with care because category three water loss means the presence of solid wastes in the water. Water cleanup includes removing this contaminated water and then cleaning up all the affected surfaces. After the water cleanup, drying is done. Dehumidifiers will be turned on to remove all the excess moisture in the house. When drying is done properly, the risk of problems such as mold occurring later is reduced substantially.

Treatment and Restoration

In this mitigation step, the home which has suffered flood damage or the flooded business premises will be treated with biochemical. The chemicals kill all the microbes that could be present in the water in home and prevent the spread of disease. The water damage experts could insist that people stay away from the home or other building for a while as they finish the process of mitigation.


It is the last step of the process when dealing with water in home or water in business. The restoration company will do repainting, replacement of the parts that suffered water damage and cannot be replaced and sealing of the pipe breaks and the supply line breaks. The main aim of this step of the process is to bring back the building to the state it was in before the flood damage or other cause of category three water in home or water in business.
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