Water Damage Photo Gallery

Demo of the basement after water damage

Removed Damaged Carpet

Remediation Services

After a full inspection, our restoration specialists at SERVPRO of Denver East & Southwest decided removing the carpet and creating flood cuts would the best and most efficient option to extract the water damage and cleanup the affected area. 

We removed the water damaged carpets and made flood cuts to extract water from behind the walls. 

flood damage inside a basement

Flooded Basement

Water Damage Restoration

SERVPRO of Denver East & Southwest was called to this commercial building to remove standing water after the basement flooded unexpectedly. 

Our team of remediation specialists were on the job quickly to begin an inspection and extracting the water. We placed fans in the affected area as well to start the drying process. 

SERVPRO Truck with equipment

Emergency Cleanup and Restoration

Quick to Disasters

Our team at SERVPRO of Denver East & Southwest was called to this apartment building after a large loss. The disaster started as a fire, but quickly turned to a water damage situation because of the sprinklers inside. We came prepared with all of our equipment.

water damage equipment in school

Water Mitigation Work at School

This local school called us when the facilities manager arrived to standing water inside the school. We arrived quickly and were able to extract the water prior to setting our high powered air movers to get the area dried properly.

Air flow concentration

When the area that is damaged by water is in a difficult to reach space, we can set up chambers that will send the air from our high powered fans where it needs to be focused. In this case, in the ceiling.

Local gym during restoration and remediation phase

Have you found mold in your home or business?

When this property owner discovered the problem, it was too late. They called SERVPRO of Denver East & Southwest to assess what they thought was just water damage. To their surprise the water damage had caused mold. We began our process for mold remediation with proper containment of the affected area.

Water damage remediation equipment in a home

Water mitigation in Denver

SERVPRO of Denver East & Southwest working hard to remove all water damaged materials from this home.  We have a dehumidifier starting to remove the moisture in the air.  This will help when we have all the wet materials out of the home and our drying equipment is running.

Residential Pipe Break

This home suffered from significant water damage from a pipe break in the wall.  Drywall was tore out finding the water dripping.  The drywall was damaged and removed and put back restoring back to normal conditions. 

Commercial Moldy Water

After a leak in this commercial building, they were left with significant water damage.   The water had sat and molded over time before found.  SERVPRO responded and was able to clean the area and restore back to normal conditions. 

SERVPRO trucks outside of commercial building

Water Loss in Denver, CO

SERVPRO of Denver East & Southwest was quick to respond to this water loss in Denver. Our team jumped into action to remove water and place drying equipment in order to get this facility clean and dry. 

Restaurant needing water damage remediation

SERVPRO of Denver East working on a Water Loss

Our team at SERVPRO of Denver East & Southwest  was quick to respond to this water loss at a vacant restaurant. We were able to get in quick and extract water, getting the facility clean and dry. 

Water Damage in Denver

Here is a recent photo of water damage in a home in Denver. Our team quickly responded and assessed the situation. We were able to cleanup and quickly extract the water to get the structure dry.